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Don's Party (1976) Australia 2CD PAL Xtras H.264 (moviesbyrizzo)
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Dons Bruce Beresford
2019-03-16 01:12:18 GMT
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2CD (total 6.68GB download including over 2hrs of DVD xtras in cast interviews
and panel perspectives in an added included video file.

H.264 MP4 video full res PAL DVD convert 224k 2ch AC3 audio 4000k video bitrate

I first put up a copy of this DVD in DivX a number of years ago (ordered the 
DVD from Australia and gave it away to a local DVD store here for others to enjoy
too - without keeping a copy at the time) - saw the movie when it first came out 
at a Canadian theater and found it quite revealing and insightful as to the
cultural differences displayed between typical continental mores - ideas
of men and women - both as contrasted with what has survived in Australia 
not too far removed from British culture on the island I suppose.

The high point of it all for me of what is in Australia as shown in this movie
is the kind of real British beauty we don't see enough around - although there 
remains real Christianly beauty formerly of this genre too on the North American 
continent supremely most of all I'd now say.

The movie is about a bunch of Australians getting together for a party around
election time, with lots of openness that each displays in expressing views, 
thoughts emotions and the like, on all issues that could come up, mainly concerning 
sex a lot of the time, and the suitability of their various partners as the evening 
progresses I should say. Interesting displays by men in scenes together with
their particular tastes in comradery expression - and with the women in how
they are treated by them - see for yourself if its in line with what you'd expect..

PS Some partial nudity (topless gals) and sex scenes are involved too 

enjoy the show and please seed
Michael Rizzo Chessman